Frequently Asked Questions


We want to be very upfront with our costs. There are no membership fees, as we don’t believe in charging someone that is just trying to make a living. Businesses that are selling products will post the price they want to sell at. The service fee is just $6.95 per transaction charged to the seller when orders are complete to cover invoices, driver manifests, and  marketing and operating expenses. For buyers, the price you see on the site is the price you pay, no extras or any membership fees! We are working with transport agents to work out the best pricing for delivery because we want everyone to be able to get the best of the best in their stores without costing an arm and a leg.

Once you sign up and are approved you can look at the Items Available page. You can filter through city, types of products, and even price to find what is best for your shelves!

Buyers are never charged extras or membership fees. We want the buying process to be simple and easy on top of getting you the best of the best that your state has to offer!

If you are having troubles deciding what you need or how to get it to you, call us at 405-428-3350 and a dedicated sales rep will go over all of your questions on how to order.

We offer anything and everything that growers and processors have posted available. That means seeds, clones, concentrates, flower, trim, water leaves, etc. If they are trying to sell and get it out of their inventory we encourage them to post it. We do require you to sign up and provide your state licensed information in order to process any and all orders.

Feel confident in every purchase made with Bud Options. We use a payment processor that is PCI DSS compliant to ensure all of your payment information is secure called Hypur. They work with High Risk Industries and are ready to help us move this industry forward. Use any bank account (personal or business) to buy online! You can pay in full or confirm any order with a small deposit. Once orders are confirmed, both buyer and seller will receive an email showing that an order has been placed. Follow the instructions on those emails and get your products on more shelves!

If you are licensed through the state (we double check by the way) then we can set up delivery for you to get the best of best from around the state. We are focused on freeing up time for all business owners within the industry so they can focus more on what is important for their operations.

Having been in the industry for a few years now, we have come across similar problems that you all are seeing and we want to help with the headache of staying compliant throughout the entire process. When a transaction is made, we provide the invoice to both the buyer and seller that is needed to stay compliant with the state. These invoices are emailed to each party for their records.

Be sure to save in your email. All order confirmations and invoices will come from this email.

If you have additional questions in regards to these issues, please email us at We can provide sample documents to ensure everyone is on the same page of maintaining compliance.

We get this question a lot, that is why we require anyone posting items to include as much detail about their products as possible. This includes the state certified testing results which you can see when you click on each item. If items don’t have the required information, then the item will not be posted. We want the process of you getting the best of the best products to be simple and easy!

We also hold funds from buyer until confirmation of delivery has been made by both parties via email confirmation. Once confirmed we release the funds to the buyer immediately. Just like you, we aren’t paying someone for something that isn’t real.

Be sure to help out sellers by adding reviews to help other buyers make informed buying decisions on who to work with.