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For Growers

Quit door-to-door sales and let the buyers come to you! Bud Options is an exclusive website which gives you access to buyers, effortlessly putting your products in front of every processor and dispensary throughout the entire state. Whether you have massive or a small amounts, an eager buyer is always ready to purchase. So, post it on Bud Options and get cash in your pocket fast!

For processors

Looking to build your brand? With the best of both worlds at your fingertips, you can access trim, water leaves, flower and more from across the state to create your unique product line. Stop wasting valuable time on endless phone calls, use this site to find local markets, get more exposure and increase your sales!

For dispensaries

Ready to buy the best of the best that your state has to offer? Door to door sales and brokers taking you away from helping your customers? Browse our state wide selection of products in your free time from licensed companies with test results and pictures to get the items that will have your patients ready to clear your shelves! It's time for you to focus on growing your business your way, and we'll help take care of the rest!

Dean, Owner of Laughing Gas

I am a rookie in the processing business. We make great stuff and wanted to let more people know about it. We were getting purchases from all over the state now. Bud Options will really open up your market, like it did for us!

Clint, Owner of JCM Farms

I know I'm not their biggest customer, but they helped me out right before the holiday. I had an extra 1.5 lbs of my most recent harvest and wasn't able to get an local dispensaries to buy. I posted what I had and it sold in (2) days. Nice Christmas gift for the family!

Andrea, Owner of Kush Gardens

Bud Options really gives me the opportunity to diversify what goes on my shelves. I love all my local growers, but there is some killer stuff out there that I was missing out on!